The High School debate season is more than half over, filling weekends with exciting debate tournaments. Last week saw the JV/Novice State tournament held at Eagan High School, and the Umbrooks tournament took place at the University of Minnesota on November 21st.

IMG_6567 Auditorium__1449614494_141.224.153.149  IMG_6554 Lunchline__1449614476_141.224.153.149The Umbrooks tournament was a great day filled with debate, delicious lunch from Boca Chica, and featured an awesome talent show where our debaters shared their diverse skills with everyone.

IMG_6592 Talent__1449614511_141.224.153.149Whether singing beautifully for the whole room, juggling water bottles higher and higher, reciting Somali poetry, or making everyone laugh with goofy puns (“Who won the skeleton beauty pageant…? Nobody.”) and clever in-jokes about this year’s debate topic ( “What do you call a fish that’s always listening to people’s phones…? A stingray!”), debaters proudly showed off their talents.

MNUDL teams debated wonderfully at the tournament, and took home many high awards:

South High School’s Henry Holcomb and Gabe Ferguson won 3rd place in Novice division, with Gabe also winning 2nd speaker.

Debating for Roosevelt, Chris Oquist and Rylee Phillips were the champions in Varsity division! Lewis Martin and Aleda Hoover took 2nd place in Junior Varsity Division, with Lewis also earning 2nd speaker.

Highland Park’s Maria Coughlan and Lila Insook won 3rd place in Rookie division, and Blessie Mande won 3rd speaker in Novice division.
IMG_6553 Round 1__1449614369_141.224.153.149

Washburn debaters also had a great day: Alex Dresdner and Lily Endo were the 3rd place team in Varsity division! Noah Herrera and Cameron Bleskachek won 3rd place in Junior Varsity division. And Ogden Miller and Beck Woollen were the top team in Rookie division. Furthermore, Alex and Lily were the 1st and 2nd speakers in Varsity division, Evan Walker was the top speaker in Rookie division, Beck Woollen was 2nd speaker in Rookie division, and Ogden Miller was the 3rd speaker.
IMG_6630 Round 3__1449614559_141.224.153.149Humboldt High School’s team of Yussanat Tway, Julio Nakazono and Ayan Khalif took 4th place in Rookie division.

And Browerti Koffah, debating for Washington Technology, won 2nd place in Varsity division!


Congratulations to everyone for all their hard work and well-won debate successes at Umbrooks!


Next up: the UDL City Championship this weekend at Humboldt High School!