Year Round Programming

Our continuous seasons of programming allow students to stay engaged in learning all year long. Debate makes a difference in many contexts – that’s why we are always seeking new ways to use debate as a way to build community, inclusion, and specialized skill-building.


High School – National Topic

In this program, students join other debaters nationwide in debating the affirmative and negative sides of a policy resolution selected by the National Speech & Debate Association. Students gain crucial research, public speaking, and critical thinking skills at all levels while competing at up to 14 regional, state, and national tournaments.

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Middle School – National Topic

We’re proud to host one of the largest middle school debate programs in the nation! In this program, students 5th-8th grade learn the fundamentals of debate for the first time using an adapted version of the high school topic.

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Spring Semester

Community Leadership Initiatives

In these programs, communities of teachers and students adapt the fundamental framework of debate to create innovative new forms of the activity. Our Spanish Debate League, East African Debate League, and Financial Literacy Leadership Debates empower students in an inclusive environment grown from community values.

Spanish Debate League

At tournaments held in Spanish, middle and high school students affirm their identities and master advanced academic Spanish.

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East African Debate League

East African students from the Twin Cities master public speaking skills while debating important topics generated by their community.

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Financial Literacy Leadership Debates

Girls & gender expansive students learn fundamental financial literacy skills in a compelling, competitive setting.

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Summer Speech & Debate Camp

Students are able to maintain and build their debate skills outside the school year with our summer programming. Middle and high school students can attend one of our debate camp workshops to get a jump on the next year’s topic, work on their skills (at all levels), and explore real-world application of debate skills.

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What’s Next?

We’re always looking for exciting new ways debate can make a difference. If you’re inspired to bring debate to your community,
tell us about your idea for collaboration at

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