February – May

Financial Literacy Leadership Debate

“Everyone needs to know about the pros and cons of making financial decisions. This kind of debate is so applicable to my life.”

Riley, Central High School

Our newest community initiative works to close the gender gap in the financial sector by building the leadership and financial knowledge of young women and gender expansive students. Debaters will master financial literacy subjects as they practice engaging curriculum, hold practice debates, and prepare for the capstone tournament!

In this program, debate serves as a competitive, engaging, and fun vehicle to share core financial literacy knowledge with students. Students are asked to consider multiple angles of a choice they will be asked to make soon in their real lives. Previous topics have included the pros and cons of buying a car versus using public transportation, and whether it’s best to go to community college or a four-year university from a financial perspective, and the benefits and drawbacks of traditional investments versus cryptocurrency for Gen Z.

The 2024 season topic asks students to consider various advantages and disadvantages of engaging in the gig economy.

This program is inspired by financial literacy programming in other urban debate leagues (Chicago, NYC, and the Bay Area), who saw their students’ financial literacy increase by 35%.

Students have the opportunity to network with women leaders in the finance, learning more about pathways to the field.

Be a Financial Literacy Volunteer

Be a part of the movement to build the pipeline of future financial industry leaders & close the financial literacy gender gap.

We are looking for women leaders of the financial industry to judge debate competitions and share their experience in the sector to encourage girls and nonbinary students to enter this field.

Volunteers do not need any previous debate experience – just a willingness to share their experience and knowledge with high school students. Contact Rebecca Froehlich at to express your interest!

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