We are currently recruiting for our all-new board: Advocates for Debate. 

Advocates for Debate is a new initiative started by the MN Urban Debate League. The goal of Advocates for Debate is to bring together people who are interested in supporting the MNUDL by:

  • Connecting with members of the MN Speech and Debate community through networking happy hours, lunches, and a shared membership list, with a goal of creating opportunities for cross-generational & multi-regional connections. We want debate alums from all schools from every generation to know one another!
  • Tackling part of the MNUDL strategic plan that is of interest to the members; examples could include: connecting with MNUDL alums, growing partnerships with schools and school districts, and creating corporate or law firm partnerships.
  • Fundraising to support the MNUDL through a personal donation as well as using your network to support debate. This could include employer matched gifts, writing a letter of support for a grant from an employer, corporate sponsorship, paid volunteer time, and more.
  • Sharing their time: You are welcome to join with whatever level of engagement you can bring. We plan to have a first organizational meeting via zoom to plan for our first year and by joining, you get to help determine our plan. And while Zoom is convenient to meet & plan, we plan for fun happy hours in future months Seeing people in person is much more enjoyable!

Questions? Email our Executive Director, Amy Cram Helwich, at

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To learn more about how you can get your workplace involved in supporting the Minnesota Urban Debate League, email Amy Cram Helwich, Executive Director:

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