High Schools

  • Patrick Henry High School
  • Roosevelt High School
  • South High School
  • Thomas Edison High School
  • Washburn High School

Middle Schools

  • Andersen United Community School
  • Anthony Middle School
  • Anne Sullivan Middle School
  • Anwatin Middle School
  • Franklin Middle School
  • Ella Baker Global Studies & Humanities Magnet

  • Justice Page Middle School
  • Northeast Middle School
  • Olson Middle School
  • Sanford Middle School
  • Seward Montessori Middle School
  • Sojourner Truth Academy
  • Yinghua Academy

Saint Paul

High Schools

  • Central High School
  • Como Park High School
  • Highland Park Senior High School
  • Humboldt High School
  • Johnson High School
  • Washington Technology Magnet School

Middle Schools

  • Battle Creek Middle School
  • Capitol Hill Magnet School
  • Farnsworth Aerospace

  • Hazel Park Prepatory Academy
  • Highland Park Junior High School
  • Murray Middle School
  • Hidden River Middle School

  • Twin Cities Academy

  • Washington Technology Middle School

Suburban Partners

High Schools

  • Roseville Area High School
  • Tartan High School

  • North St. Paul

Middle Schools

  • John Glenn Middle School

  • Skyview Middle School

  • St. Louis Park Middle School

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