Why Judging Matters

After many hours of study, preparation, and practice, students will be ready to compete in front of an audience- you, the judge!

Judges play a very important role in the process. To judge, you will listen to the debate, pick a winner, and share constructive feedback. You will do this by remaining impartial, keeping track of times, and scoring students on their overall “debate story.”

As a judge, your primary job is to help guide and facilitate students’ learning. Along with providing commentary and scoring the debate, you are asked to be a role model, educator, and a caring adult in the room. Avoiding biases and celebrating growth is key to the student’s experience as a whole! Our training resources will help you become a positive force for students’ development.

Middle School Training Module

As a middle school judge, you will be evaluating younger students who are likely experiencing debate for the first time. Providing the students with positive feedback after each debate is key in their experience in debate. Along with positive feedback, remaining impartial and clear with your decision is also very important.

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High School Training Module

As a high school judge, we will be listening to students providing thorough arguments and facts about complex topics, including subjects that are based on political and social issues. Remaining impartial is very important, as well as providing thorough and positive feedback after each competition.

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What’s Next?

We’re always looking for exciting new ways debate can make a difference. If you’re inspired to bring debate to your community,
tell us about your idea for collaboration at mnudl@augsburg.edu.

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