Earn Scholarships for Debating

Research shows that debate has an astonishing impact on student achievement. Compared to peers, debaters have higher attendance rates, GPAs, standardized test scores, advanced course placement rates, and graduation rates. Learn more about these outcomes, from both the Twin Cities and other urban debate leagues, here. These outcomes are possible because the skills that debate teaches – like critical thinking, argumentation, and reading complex nonfiction texts are all core to becoming college-ready. Learning how to debate can help put you on the pathway to success in college!

Universities recognize the value of debate. If you want to keep pursuing this activity after graduation, you can earn scholarships to continue competing at colleges and universities. The University of Michigan provides a spreadsheet that is specifically tailored to debaters who want to continue to debate here: Information for Prospective College Debaters

Are you potentially interested in speech as well as debate? You’ll find dozens of scholarships that could become available to your debater at the NSDA website.

Does your family qualify for the Pell Grant? You’ve got a direct line to full tuition at Augsburg University, our partner institution, through the Augsburg Promise Scholarship. Learn more about the opportunity here.

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