Debaters are equipped with these powers to fight systemic oppression and advocate for change in their communities. Their mission: to #ElevateDebate and raise the standard of discourse across the country.



You have to know what’s true and what’s false to win a debate round – you can’t let your opponent pull the wool over your eyes. That’s why debaters have X-RAY VISION to see through false facts and get to the truth.


In debate, students are always switching between arguing for or against an issue. This means that when a debater has a conflict with someone, they always use their EMPATHIC COGNITION to see the issue from the other side. There’s no name calling in debate – it’s about facing the facts and finding the best solution to the problems they face.


It’s not easy being a debater. Most students lose as many rounds as they win – but this just makes them tougher. A debater might lose one round, but with REGENERATION they always get back on their feet ready to take on the challenge again.


Success in a debate round requires students to be quick on the draw. They do everything fast: speaking fast to fill their limited time with arguments, writing fast to keep track of everything their opponent says, and reading fast to come up with evidence for counterarguments on the fly.


A debate round can last for as long as an hour and a half and back-and-forth action, and a tournament will have many rounds back-to-back over the course of two days. That’ll wear anyone out! But debaters develop their ENDURANCE in these trials, so they can keep debating no matter what.


Students who practice debate develop supercharged PERSUASION skills that they can use to CHANGE the world!

Despite all these powers, debaters still need your help. Your support on Give to the Max Day on November 17th is crucial to helping them #ElevateDebate. Are you up to the challenge?