In honor of Teen Read Week, we’re highlighting young adult fiction about debaters! Even though you debaters are undoubtedly busy reading research to build your cases at this time of year, it’s good to take a break and enjoy a different kind of reading, too.


The theme of this year’s Teen Read Week is “Unleash Your Story”. Do the stories told in these books resemble your story? If you’ve read the books, did you like them? Let us know on our Facebook page! 

Dear Martin

The cover of "Dear Martin" by Nic Stone, featuring the silhouette of a teen wearing a hoodie with the pattern of police car lights.

Year: 2017.

Author: Nic Stone

For Fans Of: The Hate U Give

Synopsis: Justyce McAllister is a top student and captain of the debate team at his prestigious prep school. After facing increasing discrimination inside and outside of his predominantly white high school, Justyce begins writing letters to Martin Luther King Jr. to process his experiences. After Justyce’s worst fears come true, he begins to question everything he believed about “The King’s Way”.

The Duke of Bannerman Prep

Cover for "The Duke of Bannerman Prep" by Katie A. Nelson, depicting an orange and red cloudy sunset over the shore of a beach.

Author: Katie A. Nelson

For Fans Of: The Great Gatsby 

Reviews: Goodreads Page

Synopsis: Tanner McKay believes he’s gained his golden ticket to success after being recruited to the debate team at an elite prep school. Tanner soon becomes sucked into the world of his legendary debate partner, Duke. This story is a contemporary retelling of The Great Gatsby, with Duke serving as a stand-in for the eponymous character.

The Memory Book (2016)

Book cover for "The Memory Book" by Lara Avery, which spells out "The Memory Book" text using orange, pink, and red post-it notes cut into the shapes of the letters.

Author: Lara Avery

For Fans Of: If I Stay

Reviews: Goodreads Page

Synopsis: Debate champion Sammie had big plans for her life: win the national debate championship, attend an Ivy League University, and change the world. After diagnosis with a rare genetic disorder which causes her memories to fade, Sammie begins a memory book to document her life for her future self.

Good Girls (2016)

The book cover of "Good Girls" by Shalta Fardin and Sarah Sahagian, which features a cartoon image of a teen girl wearing a prep school uniform.

Author: Shalta Dicaire Fardin and Sarah Sahagian

For Fans Of: Gossip Girl

Reviews: Goodreads Page

Synopsis: Total opposites Allie and Octavia must cooperate when they both join their elite prep school’s debate team. As they work together on wide-reaching cases about international politics, they take a closer look at themselves and their school and question whether social rules have been holding them back.

The Beginning of Everything (2013)

The book cover for "The Beginning of Everything" by Robyn Schneider, depicting a black roller coaster on a blue background with the caption "Everyone gets a tragedy"

Author: Robyn Schneider

For Fans Of: Looking for Alaska

Reviews: Goodreads Page

Synopsis: Ezra Faulkner was the future Homecoming King and star athlete of his high school. But after a serious accident shatters his knee, Ezra joins the debate team and re-examines his life.

Adaptation (2012)

The book cover for Malinda Lo's "Adaptation", featuring a young woman peeking her head out of green water

Author: Malinda Lo

For Fans Of: Carry On

Reviews: Goodreads Page

Synopsis: Imagine facing the apocalypse with your debate partner by your side. That’s what happens to Reese, who uncovers a vast global conspiracy with her debate team partner, David, and a mysterious new girl.

OyMG (2011)

The book cover for "OyMG" by Amy Fellner Dominy, featuring a teen girl shrugging and the caption "Jewish Girl. Christian Camp. Holy Moly."

Author: Amy Fellner Dominy

For Fans OfMeg Cabot

Reviews: Goodreads Page

Synopsis: Jewish teen Ellie Taylor loves nothing more than to argue. She’s thrilled to be accepted into a prestigious performing arts summer camp, which happens to be for Christian kids. Ellie must face cultural clash, a budding romance, and big decisions as she learns the art of persuasion over one summer.

My Life Undecided (2011)

The book cover for Jessica Brody's "My Life Undecided", featuring a pink heart-shaped computer mouse with the caption "Would YOU put YOUR fate into the hands of blog readers?"

Author: Jessica Brody

For Fans Of: Girl Against the Universe

Reviews: Goodreads Page

Synopsis: After making a string of bad decisions, Brooklyn Pierce throws in the towel and begins a blog that will let Internet users make her decisions for her. On a dare from the Internet, Brooklyn joins the debate team and finds her perception of the activity doesn’t necessarily match reality.

Katy’s Debate (2010)

The book cover for "Katy's Debate", featuring a young girl in Mennonite clothing petting a horse

Author: Kim Vogel Sawyer

For Fans Of: A World Away

Reviews: Goodreads Page

Synopsis: Mennonite teenager Katy enters a secular school for the first time in her life. She finds her place on the debate team and soon wonders whether she should put her new persuasive skills to use at home with her family.

The Time Capsule (2005)

The book cover for Lurlene McDaniel's "The Time Capsule", featuring a young man and woman smiling with trees in the background

Author: Lurlene McDaniel

For Fans OfThe Fault in Our Stars

Reviews: Goodreads Page

Summary: In this tearjerker, twin Adam and Alexis are inseparable, but Adam’s leukemia threatens to tear their family apart. After Adam’s illness, Alexis is torn about whether she should quit her beloved debate team or continue to compete.

Cuba 15 (2005)

The book cover for Cuba 15, featuring the sketched silhouette of a girl wearing a ruffled dress on an orange, green, and purple background

Author: Nancy Osa

For Fans Of: Love & Debate

Reviews: Goodreads Page

Synopsis: Miami teen Violet is facing big responsibilities this year: her grandmother has arrived from Cuba, it’s time to plan her quinceañera, and she has been recruited to her school’s speech and debate team. Violet must learn to speak up among her family and classmates as she deals with her heritage, history, and clashing political views.