An Outstanding Debut: UMN Invitational Results

UMN students competing

Thank you for joining us for the UMN Invitational tournament, hosted by the Minnesota Urban Debate League and the University of Minnesota. This was the first tournament of the year for several teams and also the first time that many novice, junior varsity, and varsity teams got to compete together locally.

debaters pose in colorful clothes

There was also a chance to win the Not a Slay Day Tacky Outfit Contest. Congratulations to Ruby Nagel and Nalini Carter from Central High School, and Keeda Johnson from Edison, for winning this honor!

Of course, as always, students had the chance to earn team awards (based on the win/loss record) and speaker awards (based on the judges’ assessment of their core individual speaking skills). We’re proud to say that across 2 days, MNUDL students brought home 10 first place awards!

Check out the tournament highlights below!

Day 1: Friday

Novice A: 

Team Awards (Top 10) 

  • CHAMPIONS: Gaston & Cintorino (Edison HS) 
  • 3rd: Bredeson & Abdi (Johnson) 
  • 4th: Stensland & Martinez Aguilar (Highland Park
  • 6th: Daniels & Searls & Christensen (South HS) 
  • 7th: Wernimont, Morales Ortiz, & Isaac Searles (South HS) 
  • 8th: Medved & Thao (Tartan HS) 
  • 9th: Alasow & Kashanvu (Johnson HS) 
  • 10th: Soza Malespin, Alvarez, & Soza Malespin (Roosevelt HS) 

Speaker Awards (Top 25) 

  • 3rd: Josiah Bredeson (Johnson HS) 
  • 5th: Nathan Medved (Tartan HS) 
  • 9th: Maya Cintorino (Edison HS) 
  • 10th: Tillton Gaston (Edison HS) 
  • 11th: Deborah Mondragon Elorza (Tartan HS)
  • 12th: Istahil Abdi (Johnson HS) 
  • 13th: Umelkayer Alasow (Johnson HS) 
  • 14th: Stephie Kashnavu (Johnson HS) 
  • 15th: Deion Burton (Edison HS) 
  • 16th: Anna Berg (Highland Park) 
  • 17th: James Cogshall (Central HS) 
  • 18th: Matthew Thao (Tartan HS) 
  • 19th: Benjamin Cahoy-Nanneman (Washburn HS) 
  • 20th: Sarah Missaghi (Highland Park) 
  • 21st: Josie Meyer (Roosevelt) 
  • 22nd: Lu Calbo Searle (Roosevelt) 
  • 23rd: Harrison Viswanathan (Central HS) 
  • 24th: Finn O’Connell Headridge (Central HS) 
  • 25th: Sumaiyah Reeves (Edison HS) 


Novice B: 

Team Awards (Top 5) 

  • Champion: Adler Young (Roosevelt HS) 
  • 2nd: Alexander Lisin (Edison HS) 
  • 3rd: Adrian Swim (South HS) 
  • 4th: Keeda Johnson (Edison HS) 

Speaker Awards (TOP 10) 

  • 2nd: Adler Young (Roosevelt) 
  • 5th: Ruweyda Hilowle (Tartan HS) 
  • 6th: Odia Keita (Tartan HS) 
  • 7th: Alexander Lisin (Edison HS) 
  • 8th: Nadyiah Osman (Tartan HS) 
  • 9th: Laura Afriyie (Tartan HS) 
  • 10th: Ramla Sharif (Tartan HS) 


Novice C: 

Team Awards: (Top 3) 

  • Champions: Sheikh-Ali & Ziebell (Tartan HS) 
  • 2nd: Atobatele & Thao (Tartan HS) 
  • 3rd: Hassen & Salah (WTMS) 

Speaker Awards (Top 5) 

  • 1st: Neima Hassan (WTMS) 
  • 2nd: Zuhur Sheikh-Ali (Tartan HS) 
  • 3rd: Elijah Ziebell (Tartan HS) 
  • 4th: Samira Saleh (WTMS) 
  • 5th: Sabrena Thao (Tartan HS) 


Junior Varsity: 

Team Awards (Top 5) 

  • 2nd: Berger & Mulrooney (Central HS) 
  • 3rd: LaSalle & Trifilio (Central HS) 
  • 4th: Truong & Nielson (Central HS) 
  • 5th: McQuillen & Nervig (Roosevelt HS) 

Speaker Awards (Top 10) 

  • 2nd: Ben Berger (Central HS) 
  • 3rd: Oliver Nielson (Central HS) 
  • 4th: Abe Mulrooney (Central HS) 
  • 5th: Abe Mulrooney (Central HS) 
  • 6th: Eleanor LaSalle (Central HS) 
  • 7th: Abdihafid Mohamed (Edison HS) 
  • 8th: Adai Truong (Central HS) 
  • 9th: Adrian Trifilio (Central HS) 
  • 10th: Eleanor Nervig (Roosevelt HS) 



Novice A: 

Team Awards (Top 15)

  • 2nd: Jaima Botello & Fehler (Roosevelt HS) 
  • 4th: Eva Eakin (Central HS) 
  • 5th: Lundquist & Neal (Prior Lake) 
  • 6th: Tran & Mai (Prior Lake) 
  • 7th: Medved & Thao (Tartan HS) 
  • 8th: Kajela & Frempong (Highland Park) 
  • 9th: Holl & Cahoy-Nanneman (Washburn HS) 
  • 11th: Cintorino & Gaston (Edison HS) 
  • 13th: Hearse & Sarkar (Prior Lake)
  • 14th: Burton & Reeves (Edison HS)
  • 15th: August Peden (Roseville) 

Speaker Awards (Top 25): 

  • Champion: Deion Burton (Edison HS) 
  • 2nd: Cassondra Carlson (Como Park HS) 
  • 4th: Satyarani Jaima Botello (Roosevelt HS) 
  • 6th: Himeeka Sunbeeb (Prior Lake) 
  • 7th: August Peden (Roseville) 
  • 8th: Jolene Nguyen (Prior Lake) 
  • 9th: Caroline Fehler (Roosevelt) 
  • 12th: Sihaam Mohommed (Prior Lake)
  • 13th: Eva Eakin (Central HS)
  • 14th: Calvin Lundquist (Prior Lake) 
  • 16th: Nathan Medved (Tartan HS) 
  • 17th: Gen Meyer (Como Park) 
  • 18th: Adrian Stocker (Prior Lake) 
  • 19th: Ryan Mai (Prior Lake) 
  • 20th: Benjamin Cahoy-Nanneman (Washburn) 
  • 21st: Ekram Kajela (Highland Park) 
  • 22nd: Jayden Tran (Prior Lake) 
  • 23rd: Arthur Batica (Como Park)
  • 25th: Monserrat Martinez Aguilar (Highland Park) 


Novice B 

Team Awards (Top Half) 

  • 2nd: Keeda Johnson (Edison HS) 
  • 3rd: Alexander Lisin (Edison HS) 
  • 5th: Adrian Swim (Mpls South) 
  • 6th: Carter & Nagel (Central HS) 
  • 7th: Mulcahey & Timm (Central HS) 

Speaker Awards (Top Half): 

  • 5th: Alexander Lisin (Edison HS) 
  • 6th: Adrian Swim (Mpls South) 
  • 7th: Keeda Johnson (Edison HS) 
  • 9th: Ruby Nagel (Central HS) 
  • 10th: Nalini Carter (Central HS) 
  • 11th: Lindsay Mulcahey (Central HS) 


Novice C: 

Team Awards (Top 2) 

  • 1st: Perez & James & Hemann (Tartan HS) 
  • 2nd: Atobatele & Thao (Tartan HS) 

Speaker Awards (Top 5) 

  • 1st: Inah James (Tartan HS) 
  • 2nd: Sabrena Thao (Tartan HS) 
  • 3rd: Lillie Perez (Tartan HS) 
  • 4th: Iman Kadir (WTMS) 
  • 5th: Seenaa Govena (WTMS) 


Junior Varsity: 

Team Awards (Top Half) 

  • 1st: Truong & Nielson (Central HS)
  • 4th: Good & Windau (WTMS) 
  • 5th: Mulrooney & Berger (Central HS) 
  • 6th: LaSalle & Trifilio (Central HS) 
  • 7th: Abdihafid Mohamed (Edison HS)  

Speaker Awards (Top Half) 

  • 1st: Adai Truong (Central HS) 
  • 3rd: Abdihafid Mohamed (Edison HS)
  • 5th: Oliver Nielson (Central HS) 
  • 6th: Liam Windau (WTMS) 
  • 9th: Charlotte Washington (Central HS) 
  • 10th: Adler Young (Roosevelt HS) 
  • 11th: Tilly Connolly (Central HS) 



Team Awards (Top 10) 

  • CHAMPIONS: Ulven & Baxter Kauf (Central HS) 
  • 5th: Eleanor Johnson (Central HS) 
  • 7th: Winters & Burgess & Voelkel (Mpls South) 
  • 9th: Clark & Miller (Central HS) 
  • 10th: Sherrell & Bozic (Washburn HS) 

Speaker Awards (Top Half) 

  • 3rd: Max Ulven (Central HS) 
  • 5th: Noah Winters (Mpls South) 
  • 6th: Eleanor Johnson (Central HS) 
  • 10th: Kiernan Baxter-Kauf (Central HS) 
  • 12th: Carmen Infante Garner (Edison HS) 
  • 15th: Sofia Burgess (Mpls South) 
  • 18th: Nathan Clark (Central HS) 
  • 20th: Elliot Miller (Central HS) 

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