Now More Than Ever, Debate Skills are Vital. Could You Donate Your COVID Stimulus?

Better today, Stronger tomorrow. This critical moment calls for inspired generosity.
Millions of lives literally depend upon our leaders’ abilities to reason rigorously, marshal evidence, and communicate clearly about COVID-19. Never has the need for accurate facts, high-quality evidence, and insightful analysis been more important. These are the essential skills that debate teaches better than any other activity.

COVID-19 has also revealed longstanding inequities. MNUDL believes we must address both the short-term crisis needs, and prepare for the next crisis- by reducing long-term inequities and empowering the next generation of scientists, physicians, educators and political leaders.

That’s why the Minnesota Urban Debate League and The Sheridan Story are partnering to address the need for crisis relief today and capable leadership tomorrow.

If you are in the financial position to do so, please donate part of your COVID stimulus check to Minnesota Urban Debate League, and part to The Sheridan Story.

MNUDL will use your generosity to reduce long-standing inequities in education, leadership and advocacy by cultivating tomorrow’s crisis leaders, while The Sheridan Story will use your donation to address immediate crisis needs in our communities.

How The Sheridan Story Is Creating a Better Today

Sheridan Story Employees

The Sheridan Story volunteers observe social distancing while packing meals.

The Sheridan Story works to fight child hunger by filling the gaps to food access children face during weekends, summers and extended breaks.

Since the COVID-19 crisis began, The Sheridan Story has increased weekly production by 400% to provide 100,000 meals a week to children and families during school closures. Their food is available to 37% of all K-12 students in Minnesota.

With expected disruptions this summer and continued effects of COVID-19, The Sheridan Story needs help continuing to provide 100,000 meals a week. Your gift can change the story of child hunger in our community this summer.

Give to The Sheridan Story today:

How Debate Creates a Stronger Tomorrow

Clara Barton MS Debaters

Debate skills are needed today, as never before.

Accurate facts, high-quality evidence, and insightful analysis have never been more important than in the era of COVID-19. To use facts constructively is a skill debate teaches better than any other activity. How should we balance millions of lives against the loss of millions of jobs? Will masks prevent the spread of COVID-19? Which pandemic model is more accurate?

Students want to be engaged in the essential issues of today. They want to learn, to lead, and to be successful. Debate provides the tools students need to access their own power and become the leaders we need to face tomorrow’s challenges.

Now more than ever: debate skills are vital. Help us reach our $25,000 fundraising goal by May 31st.

Give debate today:

Any gift in any amount helps. And with the new CARES Act, you can claim a charitable donation deduction of up to $300, even if you don’t itemize.