Cayden Mayer Named 2023 Debater of the Year Finalist

Congratulations! We are so proud of Cayden Mayer from Saint Paul Central High School, who has been named a 2023 Debater of the Year Finalist by the National Association for Urban Debate Leagues! We are so proud to see an important member of our community represented among a group of accomplished urban debaters from across the US. Cayden Mayer & Maren Lien will compete at the Urban Debate Championship in Dallas, and the Debater of the Year will also be announced. Let’s wish them the best of luck!

Cayden has been heavily involved in the MNUDL in their time throughout high school. They serve as a team co-captain, student coach, qualifier to State, Sections, and Nationals, and participant in policy debate and Financial Literacy Leadership Debates. Cayden says:

“I get a lot of education from debate. I learn about how the government functions, the different actors at play, as well as the economy and how every single thing is intertwined. Also, how to write and speak in front of people has become easier. I’ve learned how to formulate my thoughts on the fly. My ability to write a paper quickly has drastically improved, the more that I did debate. Plus, it’s just fun!”

We are proud of Cayden’s accomplishments and want to wish them the best of luck at the Urban Debate Championship and beyond!