Students pose with medals

Photo by Armand Langston Hayes Photography.

Last week our special invitational Middle School City Championships took place at Murray Middle School. Teams from 15 of our participating schools attended the big day to determine this year’s top Middle School debaters!

Each year, the City Championship brings together different Conferences so that students from schools who don’t usually have the chance to debate against each other have that chance and can test their metal against the best of the best.

It was great to conclude this year’s Middle School debate season on such a high note and to see students from across the Twin Cities come together to celebrate their passion for debate, to compete, and to recognize everyone’s accomplishments this year. Students from different schools crowded into the classrooms to watch the exciting final rounds between each division’s top competitors.

Students, coaches, community coaches, and hundreds of volunteers have worked hard to make this season the success it has been.

When asked, debaters had different answers for what their favorite part of the year and the biggest thing they learned this season was. Whether they responded that they enjoyed the opportunity to argue freely, to prove why other arguments are wrong, or to learn more about surveillance technology such as Stingray cell site simulators, everyone’s enthusiasm for our sport was clear during the long rounds of applause and cheering at the awards ceremony.

Special congratulations to Franklin Middle School for being our Rookie division champions, to Seward Middle School for being Novice champions, to Ramsey for being JV champions, and to Sanford for being Varsity division champions!

Thank you to everyone who came together this year to empower middle schools students through debate!