Creatividad, Expresión, y Pasión in the Spanish Debate League

Spanish Debate League Student Lizi Lima Puma

Besides competing in the Spanish Debate League, Lizi is passionate about making art and fashion styling.

COVID-19 hasn’t stopped Lizi Lema Puma from creating. She still dreams up new recipes in the kitchen, imagines new outfits, and creates drawings. And when Spanish Debate season rolls around this spring, she’ll continue to compete, whether virtual or in person. 

Lizi competes on the Spanish Debate team at Southwest High School in Minneapolis. Her dream is to attend college and become a fashion stylist. Debate is instilling the confidence and communication skills to help take her there!

Learn more about Lizi in her Monday mini-interview:  


Why did you join the Spanish Debate League? 

I wanted to share my voice and inspire others to not be afraid of sharing their voices and opinions in subjects that can be important for them and their communities.


What do you enjoy most about debate?

I enjoy meeting new people, making connections, and sharing our voices, thoughts, and opinions together. 


What takes a debater from good to great? 

Being specific and direct. Pay attention to dates, sources, author, the way it is written, statistics, and understand what the evidence is about and how to use it.


What have you learned from debate? 

I learned to be confident and develop communication and critical thinking skills. If you want to learn Spanish, this is the perfect opportunity to practice, learn new vocabulary, and debate about important and interesting topics. I, as a Spanish speaker, got to meet new people, be firm, and develop skills.


What did you think of the debate topic?

This year’s topic was about social media. I think it is a great subject to debate since everyone uses it and we should be aware of the pros and cons.


What advice would you give a brand-new debater? 

Practice, study both sides of the debate, and be ready to defend your side like never before.

We need fluent Spanish speakers to make the Spanish Debate League possible this spring. No debate experience is needed to become a virtual judge! Connect with us: