Roosevelt, Andersen United Teams Excel at Spanish Debate Championship

North St. Paul debate team

North St. Paul debaters pose at Kate’s Tree on Augsburg University’s campus. | Photo credit for this article: Marina Que Photography

Our Spanish Debate League Championship Tournaments were in-person for the first time since the COVID-19 pandemic this spring! Thank you so much to the students and coaches who shared their passion, energy, and focus with us to create a great season. 

In our Spanish Debate program, students debate a topic with multiple interesting angles for advocacy that is chosen by coaches and program alums. This year, the topic was about Puerto Rico Statehood. From our standard switch-side debates to the new Discussion division, you brought forward so many intelligent and engaging arguments… completely in Spanish! 

Just a few of our dedicated judges!

The Spanish Debate League is designed to be a program where students speak fully in Spanish, from practices to tournaments. It is only made possible with the support of our judges. Thank you so much for our Spanish Debate League judges- many of whom are educators from the area- for helping our students learn! 

Shonna speaks about debate scholarships

We are also grateful to Augsburg University for hosting us, and to Shonna Fulford from Augsburg Admissions, who shared about Augsburg University’s scholarship opportunities. 

Ambar Cristina Hanson

We also want to send a special shout out to Ambar Cristina Hanson, Executive Director of the Mortenson Family Foundation, who shared a keynote address describing the value of education in her life. We are grateful to this foundation for supporting our work in Spanish Debate League, and to Ambar for sharing her time and wisdom with our students! Read the transcription of Ambar’s speech here. 

Find the tournament results below. 



Spanish Debate - Patrick Henry Team

Team Awards: 


CHAMPIONS: Yahir Sanchez & Evelyn Paguay (Roosevelt HS)

2nd: Jose Molero & Nicole Mauricio & Norma Reynoso (Patrick Henry HS) 

3rd: Kuyllur Camas & Laura Sabogal (Roosevelt HS) 

4th: Kevin Pena & Scarlette Robles & Sebastian Cardena (Patrick Henry HS) 

5th: Carla Ramirez & Lucy Jacinto (Roosevelt HS) 


Speaker Awards: 


TOP SPEAKER: Yahir Sanchez (Roosevelt HS) 

2nd: Evelyn Paguay (Roosevelt HS) 

3rd: Chelssea Saenz (Patrick Henry HS) 

4th (tie): Kuyllur Camas & Jose Molero 

6th: Nicole Mauricio (Patrick Henry HS)

7th: Ehimy Morales (Patrick Henry HS) 

8th: Scarlett Robles (Patrick Henry HS) 

9th: Kevin Pena (Patrick Henry HS) 

10th: Mareli Ginez (Washburn HS) 



top team at HS championship

Team Awards: 


CHAMPIONS: Satyarani Angie Jaimes Botello & Shiloh Tripolino (Andersen United) 

2nd: Victoria Balbuena & Elodie Cummins (Highland Park) 

3rd: Evelyn Osborn & Erick Castellano Rodas (Highland Park) 

4th: Julia Palacios-Almazo & Nora Young (Andersen United) 

5th: Anneke McQuillen & Adler Young (Roosevelt HS) 

6th: Xitlaly Ramirez & Sneyder Guaycha Albarracin (North St. Paul) 


Speaker Awards: 


TOP SPEAKER: Satyarani Angie Jaimes Botello (Andersen United) 

2nd: Victoria Balbuena (Highland Park) 

3rd: Xitlaly Ramirez (North St. Paul) 

4th: Evelyn Osborn (Highland Park) 

5th: Sydney McGrath (Roosevelt HS) 

6th: Elodie Cummins (Highland Park) 

7th: Moncerath Palacios (Roosevelt HS) 

8th: Erick Castellano Rodas (Highland Park) 

9th: Jose Vilchis-Cortez (Roosevelt HS) 

10th: Sara Connors (Roosevelt HS) 

11th: Sneyder Guaycha Albarracin (North St. Paul) 


Find the full award listings on Tabroom: 

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