Spooky and Spectacular: Roseville Debate Results

Halloween Costume

Thank you to all who joined us for a ghoulishly good time at our Halloween-themed Rosebowl Tournament! Students brought their best creative ideas and festive costumes to compete for additional fun awards – the Brian Plunkett Creative Argument Award and our Best Individual and Team Costume prizes. And of course, debaters competed for partnership and individual speaker awards like usual. Keep reading to learn who went home with our coveted bowling pin trophies!

Community Awards

Trophy Pins

Our trophies were painted by MNUDL staff members. 50 pins in total were created for the event!

More Decorated Pins

Many of the designs were conceptualized by our own students and executed by staff members.

Mia Werden from Eagan High School learned the Brian Plunkett Creative Argument Award.

Lighting McQueen costume

Ka-chow! This brilliant Lightning McQueen costume earned our Individual Costume Award.

Over the Garden Wall

These fanciful Over the Garden Wall costumes brought home our Best Team Costume Award.  

Of course, Farmington’s stable of My Little Pony characters deserves a shout out.

Tournament Results

Two halves of the tournament were held: a virtual online half (Friday) and in-person half (Saturday). Team awards are given to the two-person partnerships who have the strongest win/loss records. Speaker awards are given to the students who earn the most individual speaker points for their argumentation and public speaking skills. Find the team and speaker awards below!





Team Awards 

– 2nd Batica & Carlson & Meyer (Como Park) 

– 3rd: Jaima Botello & Fehler (Roosevelt HS) 

– 5th: Gulliford & Cahoy-Nanneman (Washburn HS) 

– 9th: Peden & House (Roseville HS) 

– 11th: Cintorino & Gaston (Edison) 

– 12th: Highland Park (Kajela & Frempong) 

– 13th: Mondragon Elorza & Van Zant & Teka (Tartan Senior HS) 


Speaker Awards 

– 5th: Caroline Fehler (Roosevelt HS) 

– 6th: Gen Meyer (Como Park) 

– 7th: Cassondra Carlson (Como Park) 

– 11th: Benjamin Cahoy-Nanneman (Washburn HS)

– 12th: Satyarani Jaima Botello (Roosevelt HS) 

– 13th: Joshua Yang (WTMSHS) 

– 14th: Brennan McMahon (Highland Park) 

– 15th: August Peden (Roseville) 

– 16th: Maya Cintorino (Edison)

– 17th: Josiah Bredeson (Johnson HS) 

– 19th: Carson Gulliford (Washburn HS) 




Team Awards 

– 1st: Lisin & Keenan (Edison HS) 

– 2nd: Napper & Cogshall (Central HS) 

– 3rd: Ramos & Hilowle (Tartan HS) 

– 4th: Tirado Guzman & Hemann & Haro (Tartan HS) 

Speaker Awards 

– 2nd: Jake Napper (Central HS) 

– 3rd: Alexander Lisin (Edison HS) 

– 4th: Reymie Keenan (Edison HS) 

– 5th: Mia Tirado Guzman (Tartan HS) 

– 6th: Ruweyda Hilowle (Tartan HS) 

– 7th: James Cogshall (Central HS) 

– 8th: Seth Ramos (Tartan HS)  




Team Awards 

– 1st: James (Tartan HS)

– 3rd: Salah & Hassen (WTMS) 

– 4th: Afriyie & Keita (Tartan HS) 


Speaker Awards 

– 2nd: Inah James (Tartan HS) 

– 3rd: Neima Hassen (WTMS) 

– 4th: Sabrena Thao (Tartan HS) 

– 6th: Samira Salah (WTMS) 

– 7th: Laura Afriyie (Tartan HS) 

– 8th: Odia Keita (Tartan HS) 

– 9th: Seenaa Gobena (WTMS) 


Junior Varsity  


Team Awards 

– 1st: Truong & Nielsen & Woolner (Central HS) 

– 3rd: Muy Sanchez & Araujo Muy (Roosevelt HS) 

– 4th: Mulrooney & Berger (Central HS) 

Adai Truong with Pin

Speaker Awards 

– 1st: Adai Truong (Central HS) 

– 2nd: Abraham Woolner (Central HS) 

– 3rd: Alexander Araujo Muy (Roosevelt) 

– 6th: Liam Windau (WTMS) 

– 7th: Josh Muy Sanchez (Roosevelt) 

– 8th: Ben Berger (Central HS) 






Team Awards 

– RUNNER UP: Peden & House (Roseville)

– 3rd: Sabit & Tirfu (Tartan HS) 

– 4th: Gulliford & Cahoy-Nannemann (Washburn)

– 7th: Muppidi & Sunbeeb (Prior Lake) 

– 8th: Lundquist & Heil (Prior Lake) 

– 9th: Herse & Sarkar (Prior Lake) 

– 10th: Wheelock & Nguyen (Prior Lake) 

– 11th: Eakin (Central HS) 

– 12th: Japa & Muppidi (Prior Lake) 

– 14th: Teka & Chambers Mack (Tartan HS) 

– 15th: Isaac Searls (South HS) 


Speaker Awards 

– Top Speaker: Himeeka Sunbeeb (Prior Lake) 

– 2nd: Calvin Lundquist (Prior Lake) 

– 3rd: Nabila Herse (Prior Lake) 

– 4th: Abigail Heil (Prior Lake) 

– 6th: Kavya Muppidi (Prior Lake) 

– 8th: Tista Sarkar (Prior Lake) 

– 9th: Jolene Nguyen (Prior Lake) 

– 11th: Ryan Mai (Prior Lake) 

– 12th: August Peden (Roseville) 

– 13th: Sam Berg (Prior Lake) 

– 14th: Ava Wheelock (Prior Lake) 

– 15th: Daniel Chambers Mack (Tartan HS) 

– 16th: Benjamin Cahoy-Nanneman (Washburn HS) 

– 17th: Nathan Medved (Tartan HS) 

– 18th: Nunat Tirfu (Tartan HS) 

– 20th: Ashton House (Roseville) 

– 21st: Samiya Haji (Prior Lake) 

– 22nd: Kamila Sabit (Tartan HS)

– 24th: Dhruv Japa (Prior Lake) 

– 25th: Eva Eakin (Central HS) 

– 26th: Brennan McMahon (Highland Park) 

– 29th: Marian Holley (Washburn HS) 

– 30th: Umelkayer Alasow (Johnson HS) 




Team Awards 

– 3rd: Lisin & Keenan (Edison) 

– 4th: Wurdock & Belusa (Roosevelt) 

– 5th: Nagel & Carter (Central) 

– 9th: Haro & Tirado Guzman & Hemann (Tartan HS) 

Speaker Awards 

– 4th: Seth Ramos (Tartan HS) 

– 5th: Ruweyda Hilowle (Tartan HS) 

– 7th: James Cogshall (Central HS) 

– 8th: Nalina Carter (Central HS) 

– 9th: Edison HS (Alexander Lisin) 

– 10th: Maggie Wurdock (Roosevelt HS) 

– 11th: Lydia Belusa (Roosevelt HS) 

– 12th: Ruby Nagel (Central HS) 

– 16th: Reymie Keenan (Edison HS) 




Team Awards 

– 1st: Afriyie & Kieta (Tartan HS) 

– 2nd: Atobatele & Thao (Tartan HS) 

– 3rd: Salah (WTMS) 


Speaker Awards 

– 1st: Odia Keita (Tartan HS) 

– 3rd: Laura Afriyie (Tartan HS) 

– 4th: Sabrena Thao (Tartan HS) 

– 5th: Samira Salah (WTMS) 




Team Awards 

– 1st: Mulrooney & Berger (Central HS) 

– 6th: Truong & Nielsen & Trifilio (Central HS) 

– 7th: Ziebell & James (Tartan HS) 

– 9th: Holterhaus & Gavin (Roseville) 


Speaker Awards 

– 2nd: Abe Mulrooney (Central HS) 

– 3rd: Ben Berger (Central HS) 

– 4th: Adrian Trifilio (Central HS) 

– 10th: Inah James (Tartan HS) 

– 13th: Adler Young (Roosevelt HS) 

– 14th: Adai Truong (Central HS) 



Max and Kiernan

Team Awards 

– 1st: Ulven & Baxter Kauf (Central HS) 

– 4th: Siasoco & Infante Garner (Edison HS) 

– 8th: Miller & Clark (Central HS) 

– 11th: Abawari & Osborn & Buchl (Highland Park) 

– 15th: Sherrell & Bozic (Washburn HS) 

Speaker Awards 

– 1st: Max Ulven (Central HS) 

– 2nd: Kiernan Baxter-Kauf (Central HS) 

– 8th: Evelyn Osborn (Highland Park) 

– 12th: Carmen Infante Garner (Edison HS) 

– 15th: Elliot Miller (Central HS) 

– 16th: Nathan Clark (Central HS) 

– 19th: Audrey Snowbeck (Highland Park) 

– 21st: Haven Sherrell (Washburn HS) 

– 22nd: Gabriel Gonzalez (Highland Park) 

– 23rd: Amado Rey Siasoco (Edison HS) 

– 24th: Lily St. Dennis (Highland Park) 


We want to send a special shout out to our program team members and our Community Debate Liaison, Skye Spindler, for putting extra effort into making this tournament fun. We look forward to seeing what kind of activities they cook up next for you at our UMBrooks tournament!