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The debate team at Thomas Edison is going strong this year, after growing from four to now more than a dozen students!

Last week, the team was gearing up for the Umbrooks debate tournament at the University of Minnesota, and the whole team was busy reading evidence and talking strategy.

Underneath the smiles, laughter, jokes and light-hearted chatter was a keen focus on the recent updates to the debate materials for Novice division – fresh articles, information, and arguments that the Edison debaters will use to create new tactics and approaches in their upcoming debate rounds.

Coaches Christine Sanguinet, Bethany Piety and Lyes Benarbane kept the debaters focused and learning throughout the hour and a half practice session, and kept the atmosphere friendly and fun. With many new debaters starting on the team this season, the coaches and the more veteran debaters have a lot of experience and knowledge to share as everyone gets up to speed.

Having now debated for three months, the new debaters are filled with enthusiasm, and talked about the excitement and thrilling pressure of debate rounds, and of their confidence in their ability to speak in front of others.
With great team spirit, tons of energy, and leadership and guidance from Christine, Bethany, Lyes and the experienced debaters, Thomas Edison’s debate team is going stronger than ever.

Congratulations to everyone for their hard work building up Edison’s debate team!