These Students Are Your Citywide HS Debate Champions!

Melekh Giving Award

Each year, we end our season with the Citywide Championship Tournament. All of the teams from MNUDL’s National Topic Policy Debate program compete together. For some teams, it’s the last tournament of the season- so everyone’s bringing their best for the title of Citywide Champion! It’s the culmination of months of hard work from our urban debate teams. Please send your congratulations to our winners! 




The Team awards are given to the partnerships that win the most debates! These students advanced past preliminary debates to out-rounds. Congratulations! 




Novice A Champion:  Ku Say Moo (WTMS) 


Novice A Finalist: Cahoy-Nanneman & Gulliford (Washburn) 


Novice A Semifinalists: 


  • Tirfu & Sabit & Shoenick & Diaz (Tartan HS) 
  • Berhane & Kassa (Roseville HS) 




Novice B Champion: Nagel & Carter (St. Paul Central) 


Novice B Finalist: Lisin & Keenan (Edison HS) 


Novice B Semifinalists: 


  • Howes & Mondragon Elorza (Tartan HS) 
  • Medved & Chambers Mack & Teka (Tartan HS) 




JV Champion: Clark & Nielsen (Central) 


JV Finalist: Charlotte Washington (Central) 


JV Semifinalists: 


  • Adler Young (Roosevelt HS) 
  • Perez & James & Keita (Tartan HS) 




Speaker awards are given to students who earn the highest number of speaker points, assigned by a judge to reward effective use of evidence, clear argumentation, and persuasiveness. Whether a student wins or loses their debate rounds, they still can win this award based on the strength of their individual performance. It’s a big honor to be recognized with this award and a testament to their skills! 




  • Top Speaker: Benjamin Cahoy-Nanneman (Washburn) 
  • Runner Up: Halina Kargar (Central HS) 
  • 3rd: Gen Meyer (Como Park) 
  • 4th: Aryana Berhane (Roseville) 
  • 5th: Carson Gulliford (Washburn) 
  • 6th: Keebor Kassa (Roseville) 
  • 7th: Marian Holley (Washburn) 
  • 8th: Ku Say Moo (WTMS) 
  • 9th: Linnea Pederson (Como Park) 
  • 10th: Cassondra Carlson (Como Park) 




  • To Speaker: Nalini Carter (Central HS) 
  • Runner Up: Hannah Howes (Tartan HS) 
  • 3rd: Ruby Nagel (Central HS) 
  • 4th: Sam Berg (Prior Lake) 
  • 5th: Alex Hemann (Tartan HS) 
  • 6th: Lindsay Mulcahey (Central HS) 
  • 7th: James Cogshall (Central HS) 
  • 8th: Nathan Medved (Tartan HS) 
  • 9th: Reymie Keenan (Edison HS) 
  • 10th: Josiah Bredeson (Johnson) 
  • 11th: Sai Yang (Johnson) 
  • 12th: Deborah Mondragon Elorza (Tartan HS) 
  • 13th: Ryan Mai (Prior Lake) 
  • 14th: Dhruv Japa (Prior Lake) 
  • 15th: Alexander Araujo Muy (Roosevelt HS)
  • 16th: Joseph Timm (Central HS) 
  • 17th: Alexander Lisin (Edison HS) 
  • 18th: Abigail Heil (Prior Lake) 
  • 19th: Nabila Herse (Prior Lake) 
  • 20th: Carmina Stensland (Highland Park) 


JV: TOP 10 


  • Top Speaker: Inah James (Tartan HS) 
  • Runner Up: Adler Young (Roosevelt HS) 
  • 3rd: Nathan Clark (Central HS) 
  • 4th: Liam Windau (WTMS) 
  • 5th: Adrian Swim (South) 
  • 6th: Aaron Good (WTMS) 
  • 7th: Matthias Stiehl (Roseville) 
  • 8th: Charlotte Washington (Central HS) 
  • 9th: Oliver Nielson (Central HS)
  • 10th: Lillie Perez (Tartan HS) 


The Varsity division of this tournament determined who qualified to attend the NSDA National tournament. Congratulations to Kiernan Baxter-Kauf and Max Ulven from Central High School, who qualified! 


Stay tuned for the Community Awards, which include Community Coach of the Year, Teacher Coach of the Year, and the students selected to the National Debate Championship!


Find Marina Que’s photos from the event here!