Connect With Others, Gain Skills, & Make Change This Summer

Join These Free Opportunities This Summer

Despite COVID-19-related limitations, we’re so thrilled that we can still spend four weeks with students this summer – including middle and high school policy, Congress, and speech campers. They’re analyzing the timely criminal justice reform topic, building public speaking and advocacy skills, and researching potential solutions to issues facing our community. We love that the virtual format has allowed us to meet students from across the United States. However, we know that times are rapidly changing, and that week-long camp was not right for everyone this year.

That’s why we’re excited by these free community-based opportunities for civic engagement training and community issue discussions. Apply & sign up now to take part. You’ll enter the season – and the 2020 election – more prepared to grapple with the complex issues we are facing in Minnesota and beyond.

Justice for Black Girls Ambassadors Program 

Justice for Black Girls

Sign Up to Register by June 30th!

Organized by Justice for Black Girls, this program calls middle and high school girls to join a virtual educational space rooted in liberation pedagogy using our Black Girlhood Curriculum. 

Topics of discussion include: Intersectionality, Adultification, Incarceration, School to Confinement Pathways, Black Girl Safekeeping + Healing, Liberation. 

The program runs July 7-August 4 in biweekly sessions (Tuesday + Thursday). 

Application closes: June 30th (sign up soon with this form!) 

Dhaqan & Debate

Zak Abdullahi Debate

Check out the Dhaqan and Debate website for more information.

Join Summer Debates for Somali Youth: Apply by August 1st

Dhaqan & Debate is a free program created for Somali students in high school who are living in Minnesota.

This program was designed by Zakariya Abdullahi, former Roseville High School debater and MNUDL coach, with consultation from Robert Groven, Faculty Director of the MNUDL. 

This summer program is designed for Somali students in high school to provide education about policy and build agency and self-empowerment through a debate-centered program. Learn more at the website.

You’ll build cultural capital, civic engagement, and argumentation skills among friends through debate.  Register for Dhaqan & Debate here before August 1st! 

Green Card Voices Summer Civic Engagement Series 

Evening Civic Engagement Training: Register Today! 

This program, designed for immigrants & newcomers ages 14-25, will be led by Zaynab Abdi from Green Card Voices. You’ll leave civically engaged, know your voting rights, and become fully informed about current candidates and issues with the goal. Through this program, Green Card Voices aims to create a vibrant, engaging, and respectful political climate during the 2020 election cycle.

These 1.5 hr Zoom and Facebook Live sessions occur Monday nights at 5:00 PM. Register for as many sessions as you would like: 

  • Intro and Ice-Breaker
  • Voting and Civic Engagement 101
  • Story Stitch Workshop 
  • Public Policy + Government
  • Self-Care and Healing Justice 
  • Public Speaking 101
  • Know Your Rights 101 
  • Intersectionality and identity through storytelling 
  • Mass-Incarceration and Racism (Movie Night) 

EDJustice Summer Justice Series: Building a Community of Love, Power, & Liberation 


Calling Parents, Students, Coaches, & Teachers: Register Today

The National Education Association has introduced a virtual series designed for parents, students, and teachers to re-imagine education with an eye on justice. 

“The Summer Justice Series will take participants to wide open spaces where a collective vision for education justice can emerge. Just like heading outside where we can see the world in new ways, these sessions will use art and music, storytelling, creative organizing strategies, and interactive discussions of key racial and social justice issues to guide us toward the change we seek.The impacts of the pandemic and violence against Indigenous, Black, brown and LGBTQ communities has us all thinking a lot about what it means to be a community, how much harder we need to work to end systemic injustices, and the value of our public spaces and services to ensure our health, safety and ability to thrive. These unusual times provide an opportunity to explore innovative strategies to spark change while also taking time to experience healing and joy.

Organized into three virtual sessions, involving over 30 dynamic workshops and events, we will be coming together to recharge, deepen our connections, and organize for the public schools and communities we all deserve.”

Find more information and how to sign up on the website

The Youth Anti-Racism Education Project


Join Teens Across the Globe to Discuss Racial Justice

The Anti-Racism Education Project, which began on Instagram and is led by 17-year-old Sasha Ronaghi and Clay Thornton, is a global book club designed for youth ages 14-21 years old.

Learn more about the development of the project at LA Times. Reading lists include podcast episodes, books, films, music videos, and more. July sessions will also have guest speakers, including Stevie Dub, Dr. Michele Goodwin, Professor Frank Wilderson, Professor Daphne Brooks.

Learn how to participate at the ARE website.

Please contact if you want your program to be listed in this free civic engagement programming guide.