Vineeta Sawkar spotlights our #SaveSPPSDebate campaign on WCCO Radio

Our sincere thanks to Vineeta Sawkar for hosting our Executive Director, Amy Cram Helwich, on WCCO Radio to discuss our #SaveSPPSDebate campaign.

Please take 5 minutes to hear why debate’s in jeopardy in Saint Paul, and why it matters. Find the original audio of the interview here.

What You Can Do To Help

Before we began our work 20 years ago, almost zero Saint Paul Public Schools had debate teams. Today, we’re facing budget cuts that threaten to turn back the clock on two decades of progress. Debate is in jeopardy at Saint Paul Public Schools. With the district facing a $107 million deficit, and not confirming that debate is included in their budget, debate hangs in the balance. That means more than 400 students are at risk of missing out on the crucial benefits debate brings.

Help fight debate funding cuts! We’ve provided talking points for you below – but remember, your personal testimony is the most powerful form of advocacy.

Follow these step-by-step instructions to save our debate teams:

• Contact the school board members and administrators. Their contact information can be found here.

• Calling is the most powerful response! The call can be 20 seconds long, but they keep track of who calls, how many calls they get, and why.

• Email is quick and convenient way to be heard! They track emails too, but you must make it clear that you aren’t just using a spam or form message. It can be very short, but personal details are most powerful.

• Social Media and direct messages can create tidal waves of action! But you must re/post to their accounts and DM them to make sure they see it.

• Share your own story about why debate matters on social media using the hashtag #SaveSPPSDebate. We’ve provided images you can use on social media at this link.

• Attend the SPPS budget meeting on April 23rd. You must register to attend to be able to speak. Prepare 3 minutes of testimony. Sign up for public comment using this link.

It’s not too late. Your words have power. Your advocacy matters- join with us now to save debate and ensure this debate’s future in Saint Paul Public Schools.\


Your generosity helps us weather the storms of school instability. If you can’t join our #SaveSPPSDebate campaign, please consider making a gift of the size that is most meaningful to you.