VISTA Member Skye Spindler is Featured in MCN’s Nonprofit News

Skye Spindler and Warsame Warsame

Skye Spindler lets Warsame Warsame hold the #1 speaker trophy!

Skye Spindler has been working hard to support the MNUDL’s mission as the Community Debate Liaison over the past year as part of her AmeriCorps VISTA service. She was profiled in the Nonprofit News, a publication of the Minnesota Council of Nonprofits!

VISTA program manager, Warsame Warsame, visited Skye at the Middle School Debate Championship and learned all about the project Skye has been supporting during her Year of Service.

Warsame Warsame reflected,

“As I conclude my day with Skye, I am reminded of the countless reasons people volunteer, from a desire to give back, to a sense of purpose or fulfillment, to a chance to connect with others or gain new skills. It was clear that Skye’s dedication and commitment to MNUDL have made a lasting impact on the lives of countless students. In a world where motivations for volunteering can change over time, it is inspiring to witness individuals like Skye who remain united by a common desire to make a difference.”

We couldn’t agree more! Thanks for all you do, Skye.

Read the article in full at this link! (PDF page 6)