Volunteer Spotlight: Brian Kayega

Volunteer Spotlight: Brian Kayega

Brian Kayega, a Century College student originally from Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania, served as a debate judge during our East African Debate. Brian’s specialty is fiction writing- not debate- but he was excited to share his time as a volunteer judge. Thank you, Brian! Read on to learn more about his experience. 

What motivated you to volunteer? 

I was interested in volunteering because I am also East African, and I like kids. If I’m going to volunteer for anything then why not let it be something I love?

What did you learn from your experience as a volunteer? 

“It was great seeing the kids engage. I got to see them work really hard. They put in a lot of research and hard work for this. I can see a bright future for them. It was beautiful to see them shine. Of course, there is always room for improvement- and I say that both on the side of the kids who did a really amazing job forming their arguments, and on the side of us judges who were overseeing them.” 

What would you tell someone who is interested in judging debates, but doesn’t have debate experience? 

I have little to no debate experience either. Volunteering is more about giving and learning, rather than being the best. If you wait until that point, then you probably will never volunteer for anything. Shoot your shot, you can do this!

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