There is less than a week to go before the season opener at Washington Tech on October 3rd! Everyone here in the office is busy preparing for the tournament, and there’s a ton going on.

With debate teams all around the cities getting ready (cutting cards and planning strategies), making sure the season opener will be a success and a great experience for our debaters involves a lot of moving pieces all coming together just right.

Welcome to WashingtonFrom our administrative and logistics guru Genesia setting up bus schedules, ordering awards and pizza, to our Volunteer Coordinator Monica recruiting volunteer judges and planning judge-training, to our program staff Jake and Travis coordinating with Washington Tech and setting up pairings and a million other details – it’s a team effort with one goal: make Saturday, October 3rd, awesome for each and every participant!

On that morning, after all the walkie-talkie batteries have been checked, signs are put up for the judge lounge, snacks are out on tables, and when dozens of brilliant young debaters are filling the halls, their minds armed for the competition… that’s when all the hard work will pay off. That’s when all our debater’s hard work and devotion will shine and their voices will be heard.

We’re excited to start the year off at Washington Tech!

Who’s ready to debate?!